Jurassic World Movie Review

Posted by Cathi Veretto on June 30, 2015

Dr Wu and his team of mad scientists are back! Only something's just a little different this time.

Welcome back to Isla Nublar. No electric fences, no gates, no moats. Everything is run by invisible fencing and infrared monitoring. Instead of driving through the park and looking at the dinosaurs, now you interact with them.

There's a sea world style show, featuring a huge Mosasaur, jumping out of a lake to eat a full grown shark. You can also ride an open air tourist bus through a herd of running Gallimimus'. But it's getting boring. Same old shows and dinosaurs for years now.

So the new idea? How about a genetically modified dinosaur. "Bigger, badder, more teeth" is the concept to re-invigorate the park and bring in business like never before.

Fully grown, it is terrifying, and seemingly aggressive. The parks operations manager, Claire Dearing, (played by Bryce Dallas Howard) brings in Owen Grady (Chris Pratt) to look at the structure of the cage to make sure it's strong enough. A Navy officer and current velociraptor expert and trainer, Owen Grady has a strong sense of how these animals think.

While studying the cage, they realize the new dinosaur, christened the Indominus, will be a problem. Owen explains to Claire that this new animal will be more difficult than most, as it was never socialized and was raised in complete solitude. After requesting to see it, they realize they can't find it on their infrared scanners.

Owen goes into the pen to look around and discovers that the animal is in fact still in there, but somehow escaped detection by the scanners.

Barely making it out alive, Owen slips through the closing gate, but it doesn't close in time to keep the Indominus in.

Meanwhile in the town center, Claire's two nephews sneak away from her assistant and make their way into the park, having been given VIP wristbands. Its not long before they get stranded, right in the Indominus' path.

Vic Hoskins, (Vincent D'Onofrio) head of InGen Security, believes raptors can be trained for military use, something Owen disagrees with. Soon after the Indominus' escape, Hoskins takes over control of the park, forcing Owen to put his raptor training to the test to attempt to recapture the Indominus.

This movie has everything you loved about with the original Jurassic Park, with plenty of new twists!


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