LA Apocalypse Movie Review

Posted by Mpho Ashworth on July 03, 2015

Very rarely do I come across a movie that is as bad as LA Apocalypse, that I stop watching after 10 minutes. I like a dose of trashy TV every now and then, if anything, it makes me appreciate the good. However, there are occasions I am left wondering how on earth did this movie get approved?
The usual Armageddon has descended on an American city; in this case it's Los Angeles. Earthquakes are happening all over the city, each one worse than the previous. Now an office block is shaking vigorously and a lady screams, what's happening? ­ it's an earthquake sweetheart, like the other ones that happened earlier.

What were the scriptwriters thinking?
Los Angeles is on lock down; the army is evacuating the city. A young gentleman is making his Way into the center to find and rescue his girlfriend. He encounters an army officer, who shortly after, has his vehicle stolen by a gang of convicts. If an impending apocalypse isn't enough, there's escaped prisoners running around the place.
The part that made me switch off was when we were introduced to the man in charge of the Criminals ­ let's call him "Boss," as I didn't stick around long enough to catch his name. Now remember that Los Angeles is falling to pieces, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions are wreaking havoc, even the Hollywood sign has been destroyed. People are running scared and survivors are trying to leave the city.
Our good friend Boss is not in the slightest bit bothered by the destruction around him and the peril he and his gang are in. No, he's taken the time to go shopping to find better attire and rid himself of his orange prison outfit. His introduction sees him casually putting on a blazer jacket, because that's this season's apocalypse must have. One of his associates has brought him some innocent members of the public, who are abruptly shot because Boss wants valuable hostages, people who are worth something.
What were the makers of this film smoking? Los Angeles is in chaos and quickly being wiped off the face of the earth. Did it really seem like a good idea to have a story line featuring hardened criminals taking hostages to buy their freedom?

They were free. All they needed to do was leave LA without being detected by the authorities, given the prison was destroyed, they would have been presumed dead. No, the filmmakers decided they should take hostages, after a shopping trip to find a suitable bad guy suit.
I switched off and I can assure you I will never switch back on.


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