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Personally Yours: Decorate Your Way, Inside and Out

Posted by Ranie Denver on August 21, 2015

Whether you're decorating or landscaping, your personality shows through... doesn't it? It should. If you contract a landscaper, you should still have the final word in what goes in and where it goes. The same with a decorator. Even if you hire someone to do it, the colors and styles you are comfortable with should be the ones used.

If your decorator or landscaper insists that a piece or plant just has to be used because "it goes" with the rest, dump them. Find someone else who can do it your way, or do it yourself.

It may seem a little scary to wing it when you feel as if the entire world will see what you've done. Do you know what? They see who you are, anyway. They see it by the clothes you wear, the places you go and the things you say. Why not the house you live in?

Oh, but you say, "I wouldn't know where to start!"

Here's where:

Look around you and take note of the things that make you feel good and the things that do not. You might have to think about it awhile before you recognize your true feelings. We tend to mask our personal preferences and go with the flow of what the herd is doing, so stopping to strip off that mask is the most important thing to do.

Did you get that basket because the color was right or because you really liked it, color, lines, size and all? What about that fountain? It goes with the garden, right? But do you like it?

Does that shade tree block too much of the view for you? Or do you prefer the seclusion? Make up your own mind. A row of small flowers along the fence line is drastically different from a scattered group of bushes. Which do you prefer?

Once you begin to see that far, start collecting images of things that you like. They might seem random, but after you have a good assortment, sit down and try to find the connecting theme. Once you've discovered that, all you have to do is decide on sizes that will work for your area, whether that's inside or out.

You're all prepped and ready, so take your notes and start looking for specific items. The next thing you know, your home will reflect exactly who you are.

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Mother of three children and former personal finance advisor and writer, Ranie is a didactic stay at home mom, a gardener and a nature enthusiast. She says she "has Luddite tendencies" and enjoys doing things the old fashioned way.
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