Textbook Rental: The Best way to get Books for College

Posted by Amanda Grace on August 19, 2015

College textbooks are a necessary part of your college education, but they also cost a small fortune. One book, the Acta  Philosophorum, The First Journal of Philosophy, costs $1,450 to purchase.  The Encyclopedia of International Media and Communications costs $1,215. Although most books for college do not cost this much, they do cost quite a bit of money, especially when you need several books to complete all of your courses.

Most college students possess budgets that are already strapped, making it difficult to afford these books that can add up to hundreds or thousands of dollars. Considering that you’ll use the books only for a short time, why not rent instead of buy? Book rental for college students has become very popular over the past several years, and there is little wonder why. It is easy to rent textbooks and it is certainly far more affordable.

Textbook rental allows you to rent the books that you need for your classes for a few short weeks at a reasonable cost. It is really simple. Once you choose the textbook rental company you’ll use, search for the title that you need. Add it to your cart and checkout. It is that easy. The cost of renting is sometimes as much as 90% less than the cost of a textbook. That’s pretty awesome savings, don’t you agree?

You’ll find textbooks in all subjects, whether you are currently enrolled in basic courses or more complicated courses. You can rent one, two, three or more books, depending upon your needs. All textbook rentals include the latest editions of textbooks still being used in college classrooms today.  

When the semester is complete and you no longer need the book, simply return it for the next person to rent. It is that easy! Any college student enrolled in any college class can use a textbook rental service to get the books they need for class.  Best of all, you can rent books as many times as you need to while you are in college. You never have to spend that large sum of money on textbooks again!

There are dozens of textbook rental companies out there, so if you decide that you want to rent instead of buy, it is a good idea that you evaluate a few of these companies, evaluating their prices, selection and customer service. The many benefits of renting textbooks instead of buying are great. Learn them for yourself and consider this option for your college textbooks.


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Amanda is a freelance writer with six years' of experience. A lifelong resident of Tennessee, she is the proud mother of two sons.
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