Tips for Staying in a Hotel or Motel Room With Children

Posted by Sarah Bennett on July 03, 2015

If you are traveling with you children and are staying in a hotel room, you may become stressed out. It can be done but you must plan ahead and pack correctly. Here are some helpful hints
When you are traveling with kids you should give the room a once over before you let the kids in the room. Make sure that there is nothing left under the bed that they can get hold of. If you are traveling with babies make sure you baby proof the room by covering the outlets, put covers on any sharp table corner etc.  Make sure there are no baby dangers.
You should bring your own portable crib if you have space. Many times the hotel’s cribs are not to be messed with. In addition to this try and remain organized by setting up stations.  Have your husband or the older child take the kids exploring while you get a diaper station and feeding station set up. If your baby is crawling take a sheet and put it on the floor in one corner of the room so they can be put down there. Don’t forget to put some toys there too.
For some reason kids seem to be highly fascinated with hotel doors, so make sure you latch the top part of the door so the kids aren’t walking out on their own. This becomes even more important if you have two rooms or a suite because you won’t be able to see them all the time.
Most hotel rooms are full of strange noises from the outside hall and surrounding rooms, and they can also be quite dark at night. Bringing along a white-noise machine and/or a night light will do wonders in making your child, and therefore you, get a better night's sleep.
One thing that you should plan on even before you leave for vacation is that you are going to have to be flexible with routines.  Trying to stick to a rigid sleep schedule will only end in a lot of frustration. If you act fearful, no matter how well you think you are hiding it, your toddlers will smell it. It's good to try to keep to a loose routine, but remember, you are in a new environment.
If at all possible book a suite; I know this is not always financially possible but if you can get two connecting rooms or a suite you will find that the extra square footage will make a big difference. If you are unable to book one see if you can get an upgrade when you check in. It doesn’t hurt to ask.
Finally, make sure you keep it clean.  The room is small and with the entire family there, there is a lot of stuff that if not taken care of, could get really chaotic.  Keeping your room clean will make it easier to find things and cut down on your frustration. Stowing empty suitcases in your car will also give you some more square feet in room.


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